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Certified HeartMath Coach

A large cost to corporate America are people who are burnt-out and unhappy. They are not as productive. Ask about HeartMath

Certified Assertiveness Coach

Coaching you to the peaceful space of assertiveness in business and your personal life. Say what you mean with kindness.

Life Coach Services

Spiritual Life Coach & Business Life Coach. Are you in need of help with communication skills or dealing with life challenges





Holistic Life Coaching and Business Coach

Our goal at Alchemy Holistic Life Coach is to help you with your business and personal goals for creating a happy, whole, exciting and peaceful life.  We understand that many challenges come up, sometimes on a daily basis.  Our goal is to help you create a plan and implement the plan, which moves your life in a successful direction.  Only you can determine what success is for yourself and of course, goals change as we grow and move through our life journey.  We are here to help you move in a direction of success for your business and personal life goals.  At Alchemy Holistic Life Coach, our only purpose is to help you with your goals and creating a plan to move you in the direction of successful growth.

Do you find yourself in a space in life where you are questioning what’s next?  Do you feel as though you are having a Spiritual awakening to knowing there is more to life than the typical routine or feeling like there is just something missing?  You have found the right place.  I always say it’s best to start by taking a good hard look at forgiveness and the way we communicate with others. Do we choose to forgive; or do we hold on to anger, bitterness, and revengeful thoughts which poison our well-being and ability to truly feel peaceful?

 Our sessions are online, in the comfort of your own home or office, as well as our office located in south-central PA.  Holistic life coaching at Alchemy Holistic Life Coach, we are here for you.  It’s time; take the next step!

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Are You Having Challenges with Feeling Overwhelmed?