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Episode 12: Life, Love & Pain

Guest: Cheryl Piper-Snyder of the Alchemy Holistic Life Coach & Natural Solutions Group

The Mindfulness Seeker • Cheryl joins Jay & Shae to discuss her Alchemy Holistic Life Coach service and for a deep, mind-opening discussion about her journey through the world of meditation, spirituality, balance… All about building resilience while reducing stress. A must-hear interview.

Are You Really Listening? (Levels of Conversation)

Decoded Lifecast

I had a great time with this interview.  It’s a great honor to be a guest on your son’s podcast.  We had a great talk about conversations and what happens to the brain when you are in a threatening conversation.  How the creative area of the brain can be shut down when someone is talking at you vs talking with you.



Remarkable Women Podcast

Jennifer Sacco Founder of Remarkable Women Podcast interviews Cheryl Piper-Snyder of Alchemy Holistic Life Coach.  Cheryl is a Business and Executive Coach, Spiritual Director, Conversation Coach, Licensed Certified HeartMath Coach, and Certified Assertiveness Coach.  Alchemy Holistic Life Coach offers something for everyone search to improve their awareness or if you are just having a difficult time figuring things out to plan for success.  Jennifer’s interview covers the nature and philosophy of Cheryl’s coaching practice.


Are You Having Challenges with Feeling Overwhelmed?