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At Alchemy Holistic Life Coach, located in Waynesboro PA, and servicing the surrounding areas of Hagerstown MD, Frederick MD, Gettysburg PA, Chambersburg PA, Greencastle PA, Martinsburg WV, and more. We offer in person and online holistic life coach, business coach, and executive coach sessions to develop a success plan for you.  Our goal is to help everyone in need of wellness, energy management, and holistic life coach assistance the opportunity to work with us, no matter where you are located.  Distance should never be an obstacle in receiving the guidance to create a life coaching plan moving you forward to success. We are very blessed to have the ability to work with clients in our local areas of PA, MD, WV, and VA as well as all over the world, via our online video communication.

We utilize video communication for monthly events on many subjects, as well as hold events in our historic location of 323 E. Main St. Waynesboro PA. If you are at a crossroads in life and need help with business communication, forgiveness, assertiveness, or techniques to reduce stress and create balance your life, we are here for you. Are you a small business owner looking for guidance in the day to day struggles between employees and management?  Let us help create a plan for your business coaching needs to improve optimal communication between management, staff, and clients.

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About the Holistic Life Coach at Alchemy Holistic Life Coach

Cheryl Piper-Snyder, Spiritual Director, Integrative Wellness, Business Coach, and Holistic Life Coach at Alchemy Holistic Life Coach.  She received her Bachelor of Metaphysical Science, B.Msc. in 2010, as well as receiving a Metaphysical Practitioner’s Diploma.  In early 2015 she was awarded the Degree of Master of Metaphysical Science, M.Msc., her thesis was titled  ‘The Power of Perception’. Cheryl is a  certified Integrative Wellness & Life Coach, certified Assertiveness Coach and also a certified licensed HeartMath Coach.  Cheryl is also the Adjunct Professor for the Meditation courses at Hagerstown Community College.

In experiencing her own hero’s journey of moving through the dark night of the soul with true forgiveness. Cheryl understands the importance and power of applying the Law of Attraction in life. Nothing in our lives has any meaning other than the meaning we give it.  Perceptions and thoughts become subconscious belief patterns, as we experience the same thoughts over and over.  The question we need to ask ourselves is; are our thoughts positive or negative?

We can learn to limit negative thoughts and increase positive thoughts, therefore changing our perception of the world.  This is the area where Spiritual meets Science.

Cheryl also has a strong background in marketing, which allows her to help in marketing coaching and business coaching, as well as coaching as a Spiritual Director helping to create balance in the lives of many.  She is very grounded it her life as a Business Coach & Holistic Life Coach.

Cheryl’s goal is to help others create a plan moving them toward balance and managing life to remove stress.  All of this helps to move you forward to the successful life you know is waiting for you.

Integrative Wellness & Holistic Life Coach

As a Licensed Master Aesthetician and Licensed qualified educator for teaching the practice of Master Aesthetics. Cheryl has held the position of President and Director of Education for the Utah Aesthetics Education Association.  Cheryl feels privileged to have been and educator in the foremost medical Aesthetics school in Utah and nationwide.

As a teacher of anatomy, cellular structure, and biology, she has been fascinated with the function of cells. The way the cells communicate, receiving signals for function, and also how the cell membrane works.  Protecting and allow specific communication functions to occur.  The more she studies in the area of cellular communication; the more she understands that it is not just a chemical message. There is also an energetic message that creates the cell to respond.  Making the reduction of stress and creating an energy management plan a must in moving forward for each of us.

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Cheryl has studied, on her own, the areas of epigenetics and neuroscience for about 9 years now. The more she learns in this area, the more she wants to learn.  Connections between cells and the power our thoughts are simply amazing.  Our perceptions create our reality.  We are living in an amazing time where science and spirituality are coming together with the study of the quantum field.  We have the opportunity to take control of our reality by taking responsibility for our thoughts.  It is amazing how our thoughts shape our world.  There truly are infinite possibilities in the quantum field.

Cheryl considers herself both a student and teacher of A course In Miracles and many other ancient philosophies.

Learn to experience this wonderful life, with its ups and down, in a sustainable peaceful way.

Cheryl looks forward to meeting you soon.



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