Conversation Coach

Conversation Coach

The Art & Science of Conversation

Great conversation is not only an Art…it is a Science.  I am a Conversation Coach and I have a presentation called Conversational Cocktails. As a Conversational Coach, I wanted to share information in the area of conversations between people.  Whether it is business or personal conversations.  There are many reasons a conversation can take a sour turn.  We will explore the art and science of great conversation and how to connect with those around you.

 How many times have you overheard conversations while out in public and thought, “they are not communicating at all, they are just talking and not listening to each other”.   Or, one person is talking and the other is just looking out into space and nodding their head in agreement.  We all have been in situations like this, whether we overhear or we are the one in the conversation.

My life career always involves helping others.  There are many ways we can all work together.  I look forward to the endless subjects we will discuss on improving conversation with clear communication.  To purchase sessions click here

Thanks to everyone for your support and encouragement in this new endeavor.  Please help make this an interactive in sharing this information and to help all in need of understanding the art and science of conversation and communicating with the people in our lives. 

Please be respectful of each other and kind as you approach your conversations.  Coaching in Assertiveness is one of my areas of expertise as well as conversations.  There is always a positive way to make a point.  We are all traveling through this journey together sending compassion into any situation will go very far in creating trust for true co-creating in any conversation.

Here’s to Great Conversation,

Cheryl Piper-Snyder


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