What is Emotional Addiction

what are emotional addictions

What’s your Emotional Addiction?

Many people are currently discussing emotional addiction when talking about addiction in general. At one time, many thought of addiction as a substance abuse problem. However, the latest in new science shows over and over that we can just as easily become addicted to an emotion as a substance from outside our body.  We control our reality, we choose where to focus our energy; thought becomes form via choice.  This is how we create our perception of reality.

We create our reality, whether it is heaven or hell.  Where do we focus our energy?  Where are our thoughts?  Are we thinking about what we want or what we don’t want?  Wherever we put the focus is what we manifest.  It would be great to put our energy and focus on the things we want…let’s move in that direction!  We have work to do, as 95% of our programming runs automatically in the subconscious area of our brain.

Below I have listed a few areas of Emotional Addiction:

  • Victimhood and/or The Martyr –  This person is addicted to self-pity and sharing their woes constantly… “everything happens to me… why doesn’t anyone see how much work I do… I give and give and no one helps me… if I don’t do it no one else will…” etc…
  • Gossiping – This person gets ecstatic over the power of having information that others don’t and gets a high or thrill from passing on the information.  Gossiping can give a rush of feel-good neurochemical just before and at the moment of sharing the information.  Shortly thereafter, just like a drug, they seek the next thrill.
  • The Rescuer – Always looking for someone in need of rescue and then making sure the person stays in a space of being needy.  Hovering, waiting and hoping for a crisis so they can swoop in and be the savior.  A good example is a Knight type personality looking for a Damsel to rescue.  The rescuer also thinks that the rescued party should be extremely grateful.
  • Control – The need to be right, the need to prove you’re right, the feeling that others are telling you how and what to think, the need to control and manipulate another person. This person can become a bully.   There is a need to try and control all situations in their life.  This can create anger, fear, frustration, anxiety, and many other emotions.
  • Social Media – This is trending up currently, as some suggest that social media or social network websites are creating narcissism.  The growing need for instant gratification combined with the rush someone receives when people engage with their posts is feeding a narcissistic trend and an emotional addiction.

These are just a few examples of emotional addiction, there are many more.   At Alchemy Holistic Life Coach, our goal is to help individuals understand areas that may be holding you back from creating a happy, peaceful life.  Our Spiritual life coaching sessions are designed to help you identify challenges in your life and create a plan to move forward.


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