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•  Spiritual Director  •  Business & Executive Life Coach  

•  Conversational IQ Coach  •  Certified HeartMath Coach  

•  Holistic Life Coach  •  Assertiveness Coach  

•  Integrative Wellness Coach

Holistic Life Coach

At Alchemy Holistic Life Coach, we strive to help you find meaning and peace using Holistic life coaching when  Business, Personal, Spiritual, or Energetic challenges come up in your life. Sometimes we all need that person to just listen without judgment and help us work through the communication or energetic meaning behind challenges that bring our soul up to the surface.  The dark night of the soul moments can be our greatest teacher.  Having someone providing business and holistic life coaching services can be important in creating a plan for energy management.  Cheryl combines all modalities listed above to create the best individual coaching plan to help move you forward to reach your goals.

Sometimes it can be hard to see with clarity when in the middle of these situations.  If we choose; only later can we see what a wonderful gift we have been given by the experience. Holistic life coaching and energy management can bring clarity to help see the growth opportunity in an experience.  Learning techniques that allow you to see the bigger picture of an experience can bring great clarity and peace.

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Personal Holistic Life Coaching is an important focus at Alchemy Holistic Life Coach.  We understand that sometimes life gets busy and hectic, you may feel like you’re being pulled in many different directions at the same time.  Unable to stay focused on your goals and you see weeks just slipping by and you’re moving further and further behind.  Hence you feel overwhelmed like you will never find the time to catch up.

Find Balance

If you could find a balance that gives you time for everything that is truly important in your life?  Would that interest you?  At Alchemy Holistic Life Coach, we understand and our goal is to help you move forward.  We create a holistic life coach plan that enables you to reach your goals.  Our sessions are in-person or online, so distance is not an obstacle.

It is important to find someone who has experience, patience, and a loving gentle heart to help you create a plan for success and move forward.  Cheryl Piper-Snyder has studied metaphysics for the past 15 years and holds a Master’s degree in Metaphysical Science.   She has been helping individuals with their business, personal, and spiritual challenges for many years while continuing to study.  Cheryl is the go-to person for many throughout the country to truly listen without judgment while seeing the positive message being handed to you for your growth.

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Private Coaching:  6 Months $2500     

This program is 6 months of focus on you. We will review your beliefs and habits that are keeping you stuck.  We will lay out your goals and together we will create a wellness plan to move you forward. Structured with 2- 1 hour monthly in-office appointments, telephone calls or video calls and 2- 30 minute Q & A calls monthly.  This program is for people ready to move forward to their successful life, achieving immediate and sustainable change.

Private Coaching:  3 Months $1500 

It’s amazing how quickly your life desires will manifest when you are ready to invest in yourself. We will work together to find clarity for the goals and transformation you are seeking in your life and design a roadmap to get you there.  Structured with 2- 1 hour monthly in-office visits, telephone calls, or video calls and 2- 30 minute Q & A calls monthly. This program is designed to bring you in tune with your internal compass and steer you in the direction you want to go.

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What People Are Saying About Us

Alchemy Holistic Life Coach
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Jackie Stephenson Mowen
Jackie Stephenson Mowen
Cheryl did a workshop for the Greater Waynesboro Chamber of Commerce called- Energy Stress Management. If you are a business owner or leader in a business you need to contact Cheryl to do this presentation. It will help enhance your staffs communication skills.....which is only going to help enhance your business/organizations success!
Sue James
Sue James
Thank goodness I found Cheryl Piper-Snyder through friends and at the Waynesboro Chamber of Commerce. At Christmas time this past year, Cheryl held a class to assist people troubled with handling the holidays. This was the first year after my Mother's death, so I attended. Our conversations COMPLETELY CHANGED my view allowing a new comfort after loosing my Mom. I am forever in her debt to Cheryl, and view her as a vital resource for the people of our community. Thanks so much Cheryl. You are truly loved at my house.
Lisa McDonald Hall
Lisa McDonald Hall
I am taking the meditation class with Cheryl it is so...awesome. My shoulder pain has disappeared and my mind is finally coming back to me. I am feeling more positive and building my gut trust. Thank you so...much. Can't wait until next weeks class.
Kim Zody Ruppert
Kim Zody Ruppert
Heather Hawbaker Braun
Heather Hawbaker Braun
We had an amazing evening with Cheryl. She was informative & welcomed us in, as if we were family. I walked away with a personal bottle of perfume made especially for me. I look forward to returning & will spread the word about this unique experience!
Kathy Chamos Reeder
Kathy Chamos Reeder
Cheryl is just amazing! Her calm demeanor and wealth of knowledge just makes me want to sit and listen to her for hours! Not only did I walk with a cool essential oil blend made JUST for me, but some great ideas, recipes and resources to go home and have fun exploring more! Awesome meditation exercises too! Thank You Cheryl ���


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